Often referred to as the ‘Land of Smiles’, the Kingdom of Thailand is located in Southeast Asia and is bordered by Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos and Malaysia. However, Thailand also boasts long stretches of sun-kissed coast and a number of picturesque tropical islands which have been attracting sun-worshippers from all over the globe for decades.

This diverse nation is home to a large number of national parks, where animals such as elephants, monkeys and even tigers roam freely. The northern part of Thailand is largely covered with dense jungle, which is home to several groups of hill tribes.

In addition to its abundant natural beauty, Thailand is also famed for its cuisine. Consisting of stir-fried noodle dishes, fiery salads and rich curries, Thai food makes dining here is an interesting experience.

Thailand attracts a wide range of travelers, and while those who are on the bohemian trail through Southeast Asia will find plenty of cheap rooms and beachside bungalows to stay in, there are also excellent fives-star hotels and resorts located throughout the country. Solo female travelers will feel particularly safe in Thailand, while this is also a great place for families to explore.

The people of Thailand love to party, and a large number of colorful festivals are held here throughout the year. This accounts for the country’s vibrant nightlife scene, and while Thailand is famed for its go-go bars, there are also plenty of places to chill out with a beer or to shake a tail feather on the dance floor.

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